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Gaming room setup

Hi all, will be moving house in a couple of months and will like to have some insight of what items I should get for my own "gaming bedroom" (my first time having my own room)

Basically, room setup will probably be number 1 (considering I don't really like my window to be behind my computer for number 2 and number 3 looking like it will have huge space constraints. The TV will probably be above my monitor due to the small room space

Considering I have to get almost everything from scratch (apart from a monitor and a cpu), can any kind souls help me to add on what other things I should get or if there are any better alternatives? Will prefer a blue/black setup

Currently what I have:
CPU: Tecware vision casing. Normal spec comp (1060 6gb etc etc)
Mouse: Razer deathadder
Keyboard: Corsair K95
Monitor: Acer GN246HL 24" 144hz (May be looking to upgrade to a prism+ >31" 144hz monitor)
Headphones: HyperX Cloud II
Mousepad: qck+ (wear and tear, will be getting another cheaper alternative that is XXmm:400mm size)

My list so far:
1) TV: Looking for recommendations. Any 40-45" size smart TV for primarily watching movies/soccer matches

2) TV wall mount: Looking for recommendations

3) Cable concealer mount: Datacomm Easy Mount Cable Organizer Kit (or any other better alternatives). To hide the wiring from the TV to the power socket at the bottom of the wall

4) Desk: Omnidesk 120cm with single monitor arm. Deciding if I should be getting the NZXT Hue 2 Ambient (as i'm a sucker for RGB).

5) Chair: Secretlab fabric charcoal

6) LED strips: Looking for recommendations that comes with adapter and is bright enough since I have read from online that some are actually relatively dim. Will require quite abit of LED light strips as I intend to put them behind my desk, monitor and in my CPU itself (tecware vision but only got RGB fans. Basically quite a dark casing which I will prefer to brighten it up abit)

7) Headphone hanger: Looking for recommendations. Probably just getting any basic one with 3M sticker to stick on under my desk

8) Cable sleeves/management box: Looking for recommendations. I am never an organised person when it comes to cable management. Will prefer to do a 1x swee swee one when setting up for my room this time

9) Power extension: LDNIO RC-GLOBAL Multifunction durable Universal Electric Power Extension strips socket plug Cable Extension Cord with 6 USB charger pot / wall socket. Only 1 socket on the wall so will need this at least.

10) Sound system: Looking for recommendations. Basically for my TV since I'm on my headphone on my PC most of the time

Thanks. Not sure if this is the right venue to be asking but I guess this is where most gamers reside in the forum

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