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Can see from your description you want a lot of things power power nice nice setup. But TBH with such space constraint you can't have everything if you want the room to look nice and uncluttered. Plan 3 Def out. Looking at Plan 2 I'm assuming you not planning to switch on TV at same time while using CPU cause if you do your neck will break, the glare beside your face going to kill your eye sight too.

Plan 1 is the best. What you need to do is to create space and declutter as much as possible. Since you alone I recommend going for those double-decker bed kind where the bed is on top while the bottom can fit a table (seen it in ikea). Then measure the size of the table see if can fit 1TV and 1 monitor side by side can also use an arm. Arm not sure if possible can even mount top down. TV and monitor side by side put led strips behind both will be very nice but more ex. Can just put led strip behind the table edge but have to leave 2-3cm gap between table and wall for a simple and cheaper lighting option.

Small speakers can drill/attach to the ceiling of the bed facing down towards you (can even do 5.1). Consider use your monitor double up as TV?


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