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Have you actually read the studies on canola oil? I bet not.

Here’s just 1 of the many that disprove canola oil is disease causing.

“Canola oil-based diets have been shown to reduce plasma cholesterol levels in comparison with diets containing higher levels of saturated fatty acids. Consumption of canola oil also influences biological functions that affect various other biomarkers of disease risk.”
You are of course at liberty to believe this (rubbish to me n means I disagree here with Prof Phinney from Virta who thinks canola is ok = I Don't follow hook line n sinker your LCHF "charlatans" too nor am I in any cult as such) n to continue with liberal canola oil usage

While I will only ingest canola oil as a No Choice resort when eating outside hawker food as we have switched over to pricier healthy coconut oil [at least mom is not stupid in that respect] n some olive oil butter .....

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