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What are the ways to earn health points before the event starts?
Go do the mall and park scan under scan and win event. Every 10/6 scans gave you 80 health point respectively. You can also go sign up an HealthHub account and share articles/events/app(limited to 5 share per month for each category) Each share will earn you 20 Health point respectively.

On top of that, you can go answer the quiz inside, every correctly answered question gave you 20 health point and they have ton of question inside.

Lastly is that you can sign up for the eat drink shop challenge. Go Fairprice and buy any products with healthier choice symbol and they will gave you one QR code to scan and earn you 5 HP for every item you bought with HCS logo. Or you can go kopitiam and buy those healthier food or drink and it can earn you 10/5 hp respectively when you scan the QR code issued
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