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Fengshui wise, ur head should be against the wall and in the NS direction.
this is most impt.
Hi yes my head will be
at the north side
Option 1 should be ideal as mine is in similar position.

TV depend on size - on the desk which should be wider &or another table/shelf next to window.

Checkout some of the photo on desks in the below link too.

Cable management >
thanks! desk wise i'll need a wide one as i'm a very low sensitivity user. Will require a mousemat that is at least 400mm x 400mm for my fps games

Y dun just use monitor for ur tv as well? Will you be watching mediacorp shows? If so, can always connect a tv box to monitor via hdmi then antenna put near window.

If not, just get a 32" monitor with 2x hdmi, 1x dp will do.
Thought before but I think a 32" monitor and a 40+" TV should have quite a huge difference especially when watching movies etc. Monitor should be mainly used for gaming only so probably wont on both at the same time
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