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Hiya guys, hope smone can help me here. I am still using old desktop on Asus P5Q-E (best motherboard ever), installed with 2x2GB Kingston DDR2-800 CL5 RAM (kvr800d2n5/2g). The system is in bloody good condition and still running like virgin. I would like to upgrade the RAM to 8GB, but I can only find Kingston DDR2-800 CL6 RAM available on Qoo10, is it compatible?. I can understand if this type of RAM might be out of production, so what else can I do to upgrade the RAM to 8GB?

Thanks in advance.

If you mix the rams (CL5/CL6) then the pc will run at 667 speed, not 800 anymore.
You can, instead, mix different brand like samsung, hynix, HP, kingston as long as they are all 800 CL5, as these brands timings are the same.

You can try to get second hand from carousell, but most were selling CL6 at around $15 per piece at the moment.

Best is you get from aliexpress, only USD$21 for 4 pcs of CL6 (around SGD$30), then your CL5 can use as spare. shipping timing may take 3-6 weeks though.
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