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I sat down and scroll thru all my msg history.. Initially thinking.. Maybe i paid less than i borrowed.. In actual fact, i paid 50% extra..

I dont owe him seriously.. I paid back more than what i borrowed already.

Damn sian.. Come to think of it. Dunno issit i so heng.. Others owe 10 over shops, no one came up. I owe 1 nia..
Donít think that honestly depends on the LS...but all work the same one....but also because maybe u paid more so they think u good catch u stop Long has it been going for u...? I also paid mine off all more than I have owed....but I told myself stop when the initial agreed amount has been paid NOK is very piss off with me....but told me to stop paying, stop communicating and in fact donít pay....Say if they want come let them come ask me faster put a stop to it....u have to stay strong bro....

Anyway there is really nothing to do other than waiting whether they will come up anot....but since u already paid more than that the chances really not high....unless they think u are very easy to scare and once scare u, u will pay that type etc.....even if they come up u have to be positive and ask urself how many times can they do that....? Just remind ur family to be vigilant anything just dial the police hotline.... please donít forget the fact that we stay in Singapore.....monitor cctv etc....start a new life donít let them affect ur life will make u weak for the moment but itís a good lesson....stand up stronger afterwards....

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