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Ive been 1.5yrs ive been paying. I cleared n reloans. Until i finally had enough cause i clear off many times n i feel its a cycle.

IO also say, maybe i gd leg. Thats why.. I let it be n see how lor.

I tell myself endure endure.. Dont uturn

Talking about that. I LOL when I saw a few msg of AL to my hb, praising him for being a very good customer. Piangz good fat cash cow they meant.

Just hang in there. My hb also like u, feed them promptly on monthly basis. Practically people like u n him r AL permanent monthly income so now that u stop paying, they will harass u crazily, I can say e harassment can be far worst den those that cant afford to pay up. Just have to bite thru it, block off/ change number, install CCTV, lodge police reports. It will slowly n gradually lessen.
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