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Just ignore them. They are not legal business and you didn’t sign anything. They are full of sht. Just get a cctv and lodge a police report. Best to change your HP number as well. Inform NOK and workplace that You have been scammed. Cos they will keep harass you til you pay. No need to be scared of them

I wanted to borrow for monthly payment . The other party say I need to open a basic account with them first so I took up a small loan $450 that's on Thursday . Then they proceed to do the paper work for me for monthly loan . On Friday I told them pls cancel the application for monthly loan. I dun need aldy . Then on Sunday they ask me to pay 150 for the defer of the 450 loan . I paid n I told them Monday I wanna clear the amt . Then on Monday when I ask for account to clear payment they tell me because I cancel the application I need to pay the requested loan amt $2k
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