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Thanks, surf and turf but I bought the us 1. Alamak when I realise got region lock so wasted 6 usd. I”ll look into buying the Canada 1, thanks!
which DLC u referring to?
since SG is offering the new 5 chef DLC, you may consider.

If u saying on the surf n turf DLC, then u need to create an R2 region (ie. canada) PSN and purchase as the DLC is region lock.
What region is your game disc?

R1 (US/Canada) is CUSA10940
R2 (EU/UK) is CUSA10870
R3 (SG/Asia) is also CUSA10870

In theory, R2 and R3 are compatible. I say in theory cos I don't own this game and have not tested, but it's based on the product code (which you can see as part of the PSN store URL address). A bit weird though, cos the R3 has English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean languages, whereas R2 should be English only, so not sure they are really compatible.

Note that Canada is R1, not R2 as mentioned in the quoted reply. If you already wasted US$6 (presumably buying the DLC from US psn store), buying from Canada won't be any different. Your game is probably not R1 to begin with.

Note that R3 game was released much later. R1 and R2 were Aug 7, R3 only on Sep 27. (R3 didn't even have Overcooked 1). And as for the Surf 'n' Turf DLC, it is only available on R1 and R2 now. R3 still haven't released yet, have to wait. Most R3 weekly release is on Thursdays, so maybe later today, if not then next Thu, if not...
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