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Any confirmation that it will be 2 discs?
Not confirmed but very likely. There's a shot of the Japanese cover that shows 2 discs, but it may be fake.

The digital version takes up 99GB after installation. However you need 50GB more during installation, so you need 149GB free space to begin with. (Pre-loading starts today.)

Presumably the disc version will still install everything to hard disk, with the physical disc in the drive for authentication purpose only. Even if the disc contains 99GB, that's over the BD50 (single sided, double layer) capacity of the blu-ray disc. I don't see them going BD100 (double sided, double layer), so it should be 2 discs.

It is possible to go 1 disc, by only having part of the game on physical disc and the rest downloaded - kinda like how a lot of big game on the Switch works. But they do that on Switch cos the cartridges are expensive, here blu-ray discs are cheap, so more likely to go 2 discs.

Either way, the game will continue to be patched and expanded, so the HDD footprint will grow. I won't be surprised if there is Day 1 patch of 40GB (which means the '1 disc + download' scenario isn't be such a big deal, since you have to download a ton anyway).
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