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Travelling soon to Osaka... some doubts I would like some advises...
I would like to go for day tour in Kyoto from Namba station.

1) Should I use Sub train from Namba to Umeda ... then take JR Kyoto Line direct to Kyoto station ?
2) In between Umeda to JR Kyoto line, do I need to come out of station or change by walking to the platform ?

If anyone have good simple route will be best....

Plan to visit:
Fushimi Inari-taisha
any good recommendation..
1) Please take Osaka Metro train on midosuji line from namba Station to Umeda Station. Exit out of Umeda station to JR osaka Station within Umeda area. Take JR train that bring you you to Kyoto station within 30 mins.

2)kiyomizu-dera?please take a bus outside kyoto station

3)fushimi-inari? take another train that ply on JR Nara line at kyoto Station to inari Station

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