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Edited my info after doing some initial research.

My father would like to visit the Taisekiji temple near Mt Fuji. As such, i would have to make another day trip to Kawaguchiko, sacrificing Yokohama. I will also have to buy the Fuji Hakone pass (3 days). This can be bought early in my trip so as to reserve seats for the Chuo bus?

These are the research that i had found, do correct or recommend me if im wrong.

Day 6:

Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station via Chuo Highway Bus (1.5 hrs)
Collect rental car for 1 day near Kawaguchiko Station
Drive to Temple (1+1 hr back and fro)
Drive to other attractions in Kawaguchiko
Check in at Kawaguchiko Hotel

Day 7:

Wake up early to return car
Kawaguchiko to Yamanakako (35 mins via Fujikyu bus)
Yamanakako to Gotemba (40 mins via Fujikyu bus)
Gotemba to Sengoku (25 mins via Odakyu highway bus)
Sengoku to Togendai (20 mins via Hakone bus)
From here, we will start the hakone experience on the top half of circle, clockwise towards Hakone Yumoto

Day 8:
After breakfast, check out from Hotel and head to Moto-Hakone for shrine and torii gate.
Get onto the pirate ship towards Togendai and then to Hakonemochi just for the experience and hope to see Mt Fuji (20+25 mins).
Get onto a bus to Mishima Skywalk from Hakonemochi (20 mins)
Get onto a bus from Mishima Skywalk to Hakonemochi then back to Hakone yumoto
Purchase romancecar tix back to Shinjuku directly.
Any advice on this?
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