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Almost as bad as the sucker punch we dealt City back then. We should've nicked it. The only thing I think JoseM should've considered doing was subbing RomeluL instead of AnthonyM. I really really hope he doesn't become to us what EmileH was to Liverpool and OlivierG was to Arsenal. This goes on, he won't even draw defenders to himself anymore.

Didn't seem that I was the only one thinking that PaulP really should've done better. He needs to look at the replays and improve his awareness in defensive situations. I'm probably the only one who wishes we had MarouaneF on during that time, he probably would've been more useful.

VictorL is taking a long time to get acclimatised to the EPL. He seriously looked lost on a few occasions...

Chuffed for AnthonyM in his push for a starting spot. At the very least, it seems a 2nd player is showing signs of understanding what the manager is asking.

Oh, any coincidence that our defensive plays are less effective ever since RuiFaria left? Gives me that feeling of the season after CarlosQueiroz left.
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