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The advice here for some can and cannot change number.. ignore and dont read or anzwer smses . for prolong ringing turn to vibrate mode otherwize can be irritating esp in prezence of friend or relative. the bustards will try all means od contact.. the weak will fear . stay strong. i didnt change my numbers. their fingers do get tired .hahaha.
Mine got tired 2 years ago. 2 people actually. Went to Singapore anti loan shark. Surrendered my sim then they did the talking. I dont know how.. but they stopped disturbing me in my hotel. They can try to come down lah, but lucky they didnt and they are not so stupid to do that. But i did received a letter in my mailbox with all the threats. Haha

Ill just pray that they wont disturb me this time. As i cant pay them anymore. I have a sick father in the icu who needs my help..
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