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Im afraid that they have all my info. So should i pay or should i return the 300 if the person message me today? Closing bank acct also very troublesome. But i will close it already.

Im trying to gather strength to get through this again. Its been tough last 2 years ago. Then this again.
It really depends on u whether u wanna pay the $300 off....police and the rest will advice u not to pay, whereas some people would say just pay off and at least u donít owe them... they probably still have ur information... but u have to know the difference between now and then, that time u willingly loan now itís a scam loan.... make police report and close ur account.... phone number itís up to u to change... but if u want peace and start a new I highly recommend it... anyways u taking care of ur dad now pls donít let these fkers affect ur mood....
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