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Im now waiting for the guy to message. He will probably ask for the payment today or tomorrow.

Im really scared of what they can do. The least i could do is give back the 300.. cause hospital bill is not cheap at all.

I tried to message the guy who anyhow transferred me thw 300 last time. Told him that he can get the money from the police if he wants it. (It was yesterday night cause i was pissed) Let's see what he will say..

It really depends on u whether u wanna pay the $300 off....police and the rest will advice u not to pay, whereas some people would say just pay off and at least u donít owe them... they probably still have ur information... but u have to know the difference between now and then, that time u willingly loan now itís a scam loan.... make police report and close ur account.... phone number itís up to u to change... but if u want peace and start a new I highly recommend it... anyways u taking care of ur dad now pls donít let these fkers affect ur mood....
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