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Thank you.

Yes I told the person if he wants the money then take from the police.. as i didnt asked for the loan. If its rhe same person, i already warned him when i cleared his first anyhow transfer of 300.. that the next time he do it i will report to the police. But that person just seen zoned my message. No reply at all.. so im not sure who it is. Still got no message asking for repayment as well.

To pay or not pay.

Or if I may rephrase, to play the game or to succumb.

you could pay back what was transferred (not more) with a message stating that you had not asked for this money. Besides you should tell them they already got more than they transferred. So take it and donít bother or expect any more from you. Then block. Block all subsequent message with the same reply. At least you will have the peace of mind that itís returned. They will realise you are turning into a dead end for them. They will eventually channel their time and energy over to someone else.

Or you can tell them the police has clearly told you not to return the money. If you want it come and meet you at the NPC. You have your choices, let them choose theirs. Do not beg or sound apologetic nor belligerent. Be straight and firm.

When you are clean you will be confident. There a no need to be fearful.
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