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My timeline so far.

Day 1: 17th Oct - I made contact and ended the night with the test transfer of 400$.

Day 2: 18th Oct - Received instructions to transfer 1280$ for processing fee. The curious part of me let me transfer 1k. Soon to realise I was fooled. End the night transferring the 700$ (400$+300$) to prevent any further engagement.
Got threatened and was asked to pay 2000$.
Said no and blocked al numbered.

Day 3: 19th Oct - AL called home and my NOK and some calls to my office line. NOK blasted them after I explained the true story. Went NOC and filed report.

Day 4: 20th Oct - Revieved 2 calls offering loans. Blocked one number and let the other one stay unblocked.

Day 5: 21th Oct - Anither missed call from the unblocked number but I missed the call.

Wondering if they change strategy in my case or they are preparing themselves to rain more harassment on me.

My NOK can get super fierce if she wants to. I canít speak Chinese but she can so probably more effective.

In summary being firm and unyielding definitely works (unless you really owe them). At least for now.
No disrespect and you only mean well with your experience. But taking a drastic step to change numbers right away and closing accounts makes these *******s be in control of our lives one way or another. Itís just so damn disgusting that one has to change numbers for no fault of theirs. Itís not always easy to change a phone number that you been using for several years.

Well once if AL comes with proof of knowing your home or work address and stuff then perhaps yes. I would wait and watch while closing bank account along with police report as the first few measures.

your fault, or rather mistake, is when you initiated the contact with them...

it's like opening your doors to these AL/scammers/watever, and they come into your house and never want to leave again
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