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Oral Stem Cells and anti-cancer

I started this thread for sharing informations. Please share only GENUINE & HONEST case or experience. Since no clinical studies to support, testimonials will be our best studies. Any monetary or profiting interest is NOT welcome.
I appreciate constructive debate because everyone may have different point of view. Please DON'T critize others without any positive result or any valid explanation. For sake of everyone, our information here may benefit anyone who has any health condition, especially cancer and ageing. I do believe effective stem cells use will keep human healthy and slowdown ageing process. Unfortunately, affordable stem cells in oral formulation will be tough work.
The aim here is to find out effective oral product containing stem cells by taking it, rather than commercial claims. I'm skeptical as well, but, we need to try to find out. Even drugs also need need to be tried to confirm the theory.
I shifted my comments from another threads since my intention was misunderstood as promoting a product, namely Purtier from Riway. I am a user to find out, not, seller looking for sale.

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