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The tracker will take ur HBR the moment u wear it. But it will be in standby mode n only take intermittently. How often depends on motions of it.
When u start exercising, the tracker will start to take ur HBR. But it may be after a while. So it advisable that u turn on workout mode before ur exercise routine starts so as to full capture ur HBR.
This is after my observation.
Try it n stay healthy
Just to add, before you start doing yr strenous exercise like jogging always remember to start the timer on yr tracker so that it will fully capture yr workout heart rate immediately.....

Another thing for those having problem with syncing the step tracker to yr HPB365 app. Dun bother pressing the sync button....Just reboot yr handphone and start the Healthy 365 app again....The first time the app starts it will always try to sync with yr step tracker.....make sure yr handphone bluetooth is switched on...

The sync takes a while it would first update yr steps taken then it will slowly proceed to sync yr MVPA heart rate work out takes more than a few minute or so to sync the whole process FYI

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