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Here's a used santoku by Kanesho for sale. Blue steel (aogami) core, soft iron laminate. Shows patina, some rust spots, wear and tear like a properly used tool. With some effort you could probably make it look almost new, and if you use a King #800 grit stone, you could possibly get the kasumi finish at the edge to show. Comes with custom made 5000 yo antiqued bog oak, european ash and nickel spacers.

Asking for only $250. OR $300 if you want a saya included.

Thank you.
STill available - $300. And it now includes a nice kasumi finish, and a fresh edge of Japanese natural stones.

And pics of the knife with the kasumi finish (yass).

Only $300 for this custom handled kanesho aogami santoku! Kasumi was applied using a shobudani stone.

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