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Barclays Premier League Prediction - November (2018/19)

All are most welcome to join in the fun of predicting our weekly BPL matches.

There will be 3 rounds in the month of November; starting from 3rd November 2018 (Singapore time).

Though we accumulate points on the sideline, it's a Monthly Competition, so feel free to join us for this month. For those who have been with us so far, hope you enjoy our company and continue to join us =)

Basic Rules:-
1) Each week, there are X Premier League matches (depending on the Barclay's schedule) for your prediction in each monthly thread.

2) Must predict the final score on the correct thread before the start of the match to be valid.

3) The scoring system: each correct score will be awarded 3 points. If you did not have the correct score but have predicted the correct result, you will get 1 point. No points for wrong result.
For example
-- Arsenal V Leicester City. If you predict a 1-1 score and the actual score is 1-1, you will get 3 points. But if the match ends in a draw other than the one you predicted (e,g. 2-2), you will get 1 point instead. No points if the match does not end in a draw.
-- Chelsea v Everton. If you predict a 1-0 score and the actual score is 1-0, you will get 3 points. But if the match ends in a score in favour of Chelsea (e.g. 2-0), you will get 1 point instead. No points if the match ends in a draw or in favor in Everton.

4) At the end of the month, the highest scorer will be declared the winner for the month. If there is more than one player with the highest score, the winner will be the person with the highest number of correct score prediction. But if this does not determine the winner, then there will be joint winners.

5) Now for "star" match prediction and the opportunity to score more points: You will be allowed to put one "star" next to your "sure correct" prediction denoted by * next to that match. Your score will double for that "star" match. Thus in the previous example, a 0-0 prediction will score 6 points instead of 3 points if the actual score is correct. 1 point will become 2 points if is a "star" match. But a wrong prediction will still be zero points.
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