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that is usually when battery is low. i experienced it quite a few times and after i charged it the problem goes away.
Yah, definitely run out of battery on the left earbud. The only reason why this happens is right earbud able to auto-shutoff when idle whereas left bud didn't.... Tested it when put both in charger for a few secs, then take out to test. Both works again, but left side turn off again after awhile, whereas right still had alot of juice.

So lies this problem, why left earbud occasionally dun auto-off when idling ( causing this issue ), or the bigger issue of why it can't be manually turned off. Even a cheaper X2T has this off function to save battery.

Not everyone will bring along the case, or put it in the case when not using. If it has this issue on left bud ( draining battery without being auto-off when the right one did ). For rrp $400 price tag item, not good.....
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