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Posted a question in their customer support, and this is their reply....So indeed, their intended behaviour and not a fault with the unit....


29 Oct, 16:53 CET

Dear XXX,

Thank you for contacting the B&O Support Team regarding your E8.

What you are describing is in fact not a fault of the unit but intended behaviour. I do understand that this can be frustrating however, at this time it is not possible to shut off the left ear bud without the case due to the way it is designed. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

B&O Support
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Beoplay Support


29 Oct, 14:53 CET

I encountered this issue several times. If I leave both buds idle ( not in the case ), logically both will shut-off after awhile ( to save battery ). However, left bud will not auto-shut off ( even thought the right bud shuts off properly ), causing it to drain battery until when I tried to use them, left bud doesn't work.

I don't bring the case along to my office coz my daily commute is short, and since there's no way to turn off the buds manually ( except putting in the case ), this issue caused my left bud to drain battery and died when I tried to use them on the return commute ( only the right one works and still had alot of battery left ).

Are there such issues on the left earbud of not able to auto-off correctly when idling? Also, one suggestion is to implement a manual off-feature ( maybe via the app ), instead of relying on either the case or the auto-off, which doesn't work consistently for the left bud.
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