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How much of your war chest have been deployed?
I have dumped 450K into the banks so far, so 15%. I am worried the market will not drop enough for me to use up all my cash. Every time I see the DJI/futures green I get nervous I will miss the boat. The reits haven't gone down much or I would have bought them as well. I like Sheng Siong but it is too stable and there will not be much capital appreciation in a market reversal.

I just hope this bear market will be as prolonged as possible so that it hits all counters across the board and fearful doomsayers start selling everything, making STI to sub 2K predictions, and holding cash. In time, we will need these same people to rush in for the fear of missing out, to initiate and sustain a forceful market recovery.

My entire portfolio now has a 6-figure unrealised loss
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