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Yes plantation might not be near the future town centre. It might be a 20 min walk or 5 min train/bus ride. However, this plot is near the Jurong East/Bukit Batok intersection, and it's about 10-15 min bus rides to JE and BB interchange. It's also close to the main road. Hence in the future you would have the convenience of JE, BB and Tengah all at once, while those in central Tengah might have to travel further to reach other estates mentioned. It is also possible that small shopping malls and eateries be built near plantation plot.
I actually completely agree with this. Plantation gets to enjoy the best of BB, JE and Tengah Park Town Centre all at once.

The JRL station is right smack in the middle of all future plantation plots. If you notice, no other Tengah district enjoys such a convenient station. The planners probably deliberately did this to make Plantation more marketable as the first Tengah district, and its residents will gain.
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