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the banker which helped open my account told me that if you think from their point of view, they would rather take the chance to warn you about the rumor even if it may not be true, then have you come back and complain to them when such a thing does really kick into place.

just imagine if they open the maxigain acc for you in October without warning you. then just nice indeed, citibank decide to change this T&C according to these so-called rumors in Nov, less than a month after you opened the account. how would you feel ? would you also complain about them like now ? either way, they lose, so they rather take the better losing option, which is to warn you, and also save their time on ppl who chose to believe the rumor
there is no point to warn for something is still not confirm
what I see, that folks are just simply lazy to entertain this as no benefits for them
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