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Hi hi, can give some advice.
I would be travelling with kids and elderly from Kansai Airport to airbnb at Nippombashi area.

1) Do I need to get any train tickets in advance online for the train from airport to Nippombashi? (I am afraid the train tickets might be sold out)
Or should I just buy on the spot when I reached Kansai? (in case we decided to just eat dinner at Kansai first)

2) Which tickets to get for the express train? (i.e. the non-stop one)

3) What about the return train tickets from Nippombashi to Kansai airport?

Thanks in advance!
there is no direct train from kansai airport to nippombashi.

there is no reserved tickets for the nankai airport express train, or the JR Kansai airport rapid service.
only ltd. exp haruka has reserved seats. and even then, u will probably be able to get tickets on the spot.

for nippombashi, there isnt much time difference taking ltd express haruka or normal train. so i would suggest just take normal trains which cost a lot less.
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