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iPhone Chinese Entertainment Apps

Other than using Toggle, SingTel TV Go, SingTel Cast, StarHub Go for a bit of Chinese entertainment, there are also many other apps from the official Apple App Store. However for quite some apps from greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), they are Geo-locked, for example main stream apps like Tencent Video, QQ Music, Youku, 爱奇艺(iQiYi), etc.

I found a few alternative apps which are usable from official Apple App Store.

Updated on 6-Feb-2019

Free ones:
1) Mainland focused or generic

Some content may require VPN and may need VIP subscription for more services : Youku优酷,Tencent Video腾讯视频,iQiYi爱奇艺, MangoTV 芒果TV国际,搜狐视频,央视影音,风行视频,咪咕视频,爱奇艺PPS,土豆视频,360影视大全,etc

YouTube: many channels, CCTV, RTHK, etc. Not so much on live TV though other than CCTV 4 and some news channels. You can also search for Chinese/Cantonese/Hokkien contents.

Music: Xiami music 虾米音乐

Live TV: 华文电视,电视家,欧华生活
咪咕直播, CCTV 手机电视,央视影音

Movie/Drama: iDrama, 影视大全 by 360, 千寻影视

Short video sharing: Tik Tok 抖音国际版,西瓜视频

2) Hong Kong focused
Three free apps for Hong Kong related news stuff if you understand Cantonese

RTHK Screen, Live TV for two RTHK news channels

RTHK Go, many PodCasts, I personally like the 铿锵集 in Cantonese.

NowTV 新闻 by PCCW. You need Hong Kong VPN for the two live TV news channels

3) Taiwan TV program.

民视线上 is the free iOS app for seven live TV channels supported by ads for 民视, including Drama, news and info. Some of the programs are in Hokkien.

Fain TV got free live TV sections for Taiwan Live TV and paid sections

4) VPN for going into China for Chinese Entertainment
Transocks 穿梭
SpeedIn 快帆

5) Sports which may need VPN and subscription

6) IPTV player: just the player, you need to search for the source, for live TV or sometimes video as well. Use Google. Do not ask here.

7) rss player: just the player, you need to search for the source, for Video. Use Google. Do not ask here.

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