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I'm a part time diploma student at a local polytechnic. On my 2nd semester now and i feel kinda depressed and clueless.

I'm barely absorbing things.My motivation to study and do well but somehow felt naturally things don't turn out the way wanted it to be. Tried to study,revise and when looking at the contents i just don't know lost i guess?.

During lessons, i don't really talk to my classmates because i don't want to be like a burden and disrupt their time.

Recently, for the past few lessons. I just couldn't do the things to do even basic level. Did try to attempt at my best. Guess my best was not good enough to me. All of my classmates were way ahead of me and by time i got to just learn one little thing. Most of them had covered what was assigned to do in class that day.

I felt so demoralized, so stupid. Keep telling myself everyday "Hey,i can do it come on just push it through". In reality, i'm clueless and can't do anything right. Like i'm doomed for failure. I don't want to drop out of this course because i really want to graduate with a diploma so badly.

Please help.
Thank you for being so brave for sharing what you are going through... To me I fully understand what you are going through juggling a full time job and a part time studies...don't give up...
By upgrading your skills through a Diploma studies already deserve an applaud...

I am sure you will agreed with me when one day you look back what you are now going through is will give you a better career and better life...

I remember myself struggling too....I had to rush for my night classes...finishing the classes almost 11pm....then still I have to finish my homework...I always slept in from of my computer...
next morning I need to reach the Office by 8am...

You have already set a goal to obtain a Diploma don't give up...
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