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Part 2: Accuracy of ear mapping

So here's the plan:

My profile A
My profile B
My profile C
Other guy profile A (Or I'll call it profile O)

Diffmaker original with each of the 4 profiles
Get 4 files: Diff A, Diff B, Diff C, Diff O

Diffmaker Diff A with diff B
Diffmaker Diff A with diff C
Diffmaker Diff B with diff C
Diffmaker Diff O with A, B, and C

Compare results

BTW if you don't know what Diffmaker is:

For "other guy", I'm going to use David Bowie's mugshot.


After some problems and lots of retries and changes to the plan which I am not going to write, I arrived at two files:

Diff4 minus Diff3.wav
Diff4 minus Diff David.wav

And... Diff4 minus Diff David.wav is much softer than Diff4 minus Diff3.wav

Hmm... this isn't supposed to happen

However here's a disclaimer: When comparing the original file and the recorded file (SXFi off), I noticed the amount of difference recorded was varying with time - It goes from nearly the loudness of a normal file, to nearly silent, and back to the original loudness again. I think there is something in the setup causing this long-term variance. Or I just suck at Diffmaker. In any case, the plan was a failure.
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