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Having a dilema choosing between brand new Mazda 3 1.5 Hatchback Deluxe vs Nissan Qashqai 1.2 Premium.

I understand that both are classified under different class of vehicle but I would like to seek some opinion on factors such as reliability, common problems, maintenability, driving factor etc..

I'm driving a swift sport now and just had a kid so intending to a new car to better suit family.

Hope to get some insights and advise on this matter.

I would say both cars has its common problems, and would be largely be based on luck.

For practicality, go for Qashqai. It is higher, bigger boot space and more comfortable. Its presence would also be better. Considering that Qashqai is a very popular model, and it also shares a lot of parts with Renault, I would say spare parts (or even aftermarket upgrades) can be easily obtained.

For budget and better drive, go for the Mazda 3. SUVs/Crossovers cost of parts and its maintenance tend to be higher (i.e. bigger tyres, additional cost for car wash/paint protection, parts tend to be more expensive than their sedan/hatchback counterparts). Being smaller, they tend to be lighter and more fuel efficient.
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