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HWZ Review...really need to find better writers man. The one point that screams out at me comes at the end.

"I havenít had the chance to play around with it much but I did manage to import photos off my SD card using a USB SD card reader and a USB-C to USB-A adapter."

Then the change to the USB-C port is listed as a con as it has limitations? aren't you kinda contradicting yourself?

The inclusion of the USB-C port alone allows for so much more expansion and functionality. check out the review from The Verge, at least they tried with multiple dongles to see what worked and what didn't.

I think the HWZ "Review" can be a lot better.
Did you read the full article? It's packed with details and you've kind of disregarded those

Chevalier, this is the limitation mentioned in the article.

No, Apple has strict implementations on how the USB-C port should work and one of the restrictions is that you cannot connect external storage devices like USB flash drives or even USB external portable HDDs to it. This means that if you have to wirelessly transfer files and documents to the iPad Pro.
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