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I'm getting the Wifi model since i'm using my iPhone to hotspot it.

That's the thing..
I don't take photos or videos on the iPad.
I will normally put 4-5 movies if i'm flying. I will delete the movies when i'm back in Sg.
I'm not sure whether i will do a lot of photo editing or video editing on the iPad.
I will use the iPad for reading, browsing or playing some games.

So 64gb should be enough for my current usage.. but i kept thinking that 256gb is more "future proof" ��
movies size this days getting bigger and bigger... ya if you're thinking just for 4-5 movies then all good. I have both VLC and netflix installed on my phone... including 7gb music and 10gb+ manga so far my 64gb iphone is down to just few 5gb...
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