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Part 4: 3D

A good analogy would be: "3D displays"
(More accurately, stereo displays, but most people call them 3D displays)

You know how 3D displays have solid science behind, but when you watch them they still feel weird? Like you have to know how to look at the screen then the 3D effect will work? Be it Nintendo 3DS display, or those double pictures that you have to cross-eye and overlap the image or something.

It's the same here.

Left and right is easy to differentiate, but front and back is going to be hard. So we look out for audio cues that suggest the sound is coming from the back. Like maybe more "round", "dark", "reverby", "hollowy" or something. This has been done in games. And it is being done here.

In other words, you need to know how to listen to virtualized surround sound in order to hear what is being done here.

But SXFi's effect is very aggressive, that's fairly unique. It also creates an image in front, this is also fairly unique. It also seems to do better with multichannel content (Less things to fake and more things to work with I guess), but it still causes a significant quality drop in sound quality. Again likely due to the high aggressiveness.

In the best case, I would call this sound an acquired taste. In the normal case, I would disable it. Because the cost to SQ is too great and not worth whatever benefit it brings. It is like taking a pair of awesome front stereo speakers, and cutting it up into 7.1 crap ones. (And it doesn't even produce real 7.1 but I'm just saying.) So it is beneficial for like 3.5% of the time, but when the movie or game is doing nothing and is just having smooth music and a person talking in front, you want good sound for that but you can't get it. How about 7.1 good speakers instead? I don't know how hard this would be, but this would be the holy grail.
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