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Yes! Put a stop to all these crap. Have u spoken to the IO yet? I was at first worried and all that but after talking to my IO, it really helped me calm down and get back my proper thought of focus. I really couldnít focus on my job at work but Iím much much better now. And like what all the other bros and sis said, take all the precautionary steps and just brace yourself for splash paint and put a lock on your gate. Stop paying them and you could use those money to buy new paint to paint the walls. There has not been any reports of houses being set on fire for a VERY long time. I also been using LML for about 5yrs. If u REALLY REALLY need some cash to sustain till ur next pay day I can recommend one. From lender to good friend. Some LML are really ****ed up but this coy is the real deal. I think if I tell him about my AL problem he will surely scold me upside down. Hahah. Anyway PM me if you wanna know more.
Spoken to my IO today after one of AL yestrday sent some msgs to NOK... advised me to block n ignore then n get cctv and alsp report the threats to the police..
Tmrw going down to Town Council apply permit for cctv... now anothet AL which i stop paying just sent me video of door deco... then voice msging me shouting his lungs out...he said dont challenge him ...i told him ur the one challenging me..lolz..lets see how it goes... gonna block their number from my NOK phone later.
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