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Spoken to my IO today after one of AL yestrday sent some msgs to NOK... advised me to block n ignore then n get cctv and alsp report the threats to the police..
Tmrw going down to Town Council apply permit for cctv... now anothet AL which i stop paying just sent me video of door deco... then voice msging me shouting his lungs out...he said dont challenge him ...i told him ur the one challenging me..lolz..lets see how it goes... gonna block their number from my NOK phone later.
U got balls man. For all we know they could even be the same person. When I ignored AL A, he said he will call and harass my NOK. Then I got a call from a new AL ask me if i need loan. I politely said no and he said ok and hang up. Immediately my NOK got a msg from the new AL saying he will burn my flat if I donít pay up my deferment fees. I checked the hp number and itís the same number that asked me if I need a new loan.

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