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U got balls man. For all we know they could even be the same person. When I ignored AL A, he said he will call and harass my NOK. Then I got a call from a new AL ask me if i need loan. I politely said no and he said ok and hang up. Immediately my NOK got a msg from the new AL saying he will burn my flat if I donít pay up my deferment fees. I checked the hp number and itís the same number that asked me if I need a new loan.

Yeah... i got a feeling that all my ALs are connected to each other... it happened wen 2 of them gave the same bank acc number...wen confranted 1 of them he denied...The AL who shouting at at me finally msg me bank acc for $200 transfer, i asked him is this to clear ah...he started shouting again... saying i show pattern...again i told him ur the one showing pattern wen i wanted to clear payment...he said u dunno what i can do...then said he himself will come up my house...i ignored all this... but I'm gonna wait for him...
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