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Hello. i'm back with my Charge 3 review!!! Been using it for 3 weeks already.

Previously I was using Charge 2 and it mysteriously died one fine day. I cannot seem to turn it on or charge after that.

Physical outlook

- Charging cable is still proprietary and is different from Charge 2 or Alta cable
- Still comes with the same flimsy clip on connector cable ; the other end is USB type A
- Only one size is available now, the box includes both small and large bands
- Straps are different from Charge 2 , so you cannot recycle or reuse Charge 2 straps. Improved strap connecting clip on portion , now it no longer breaks easily at an angle. (I had my original Charge 2 band broken that way)
- Device screen size is just slightly wider than Charge 2, with curved screen. P.S Tempered glass sp will definitely NOT work on it. (Charge 2 screen is totally flat)
- Left side button is haptic button, you would still need some squeeze pressure to activate it
- Got 3 options now for screen brightness (dim, normal or auto brightness)
- Vibrations comes in 2 options now, normal or strong

Software wise

- Very stupid clock faces options, out of 7 faces, only 2 includes date. (If u choose the date face then you cannot see either the steps counter or heart rate monitor on the same face) . Also you cannot customise and add third party faces
- Can swipe up to see device battery percentage but not on clock face at a glance
- The rest of the fitbit app remains the same as before i.e track steps, auto recognise exercise type and logs , sleep tracking, timer , silent alarm etc.
- For the females out there, Charge 3 includes period tracking. I would say it's fairly accurate; but need to monitor over several months to comment further. It works quite similar to Clue app.
- Syncs well with the healthy 365 app


- Now you can turn on off notifications on the device without going into the fitbit app
- Can receive whatsapp & bbm notifications (you can still get whatsapp notifications when people quote you in group chat even though you've muted the group chat)
- Recent update can add quick replies messages on the device

Charge 3 is a nice upgrade from the Charge 2. Fitbit manage to refine some details and improved on the Charge 3. Charge 3 retails at SGD238, definitely a no brainer to get it over Charge 2 anytime.
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