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It’s really stupid how these AL prey on people’s fear. I mean like we take loan and we will pay back on the agreed date. You’re a freaking AH LONG sia. We’d be crazy and just asking for trouble if we take their money and run. People want to do things swee2 but they themselves f uck themselves up. No problem create problem. Haishhh.
Now that my friend cleared his acct but there is still 1 hanging (coz say cant find acct to trf then send him a acct after 6 and ask my friend trf. my friend scare he chun stun. so he nv trf) I think he will sure come distrub . The rest of the loan clear swee swee . also got 1 say bank in wrong amt. . haiz . don know what they thinking also . You open door do business, we swee swee got loan got return , u don wan . want push ppl to dead end , then waste time and resources to disturb people . ended up u nv take back the $....
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