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Celebrity eSports Competition Announces 1st Line-Up Of Game-Loving Idols

Stars will be putting their gaming skills to the test in an upcoming competition.

CJ ENM’s game channel OGN announced that it will be holding the first and largest Korean celebrity eSports competition titled “Game Dolympics,” and that filming will take place on November 13. “Game Dolympics” will invite various idols, models, and celebrities who enjoy playing games. Stars will play “League of Legends,” “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” “Tekken 7,” and virtual reality and arcade games against one another.

The show released its first line-up, which includes Block B, APRIL, FTISLAND, NCT, B1A4, gugudan, ASTRO, DIA, 9MUSES, SONAMOO, U-KISS, LABOUM, fromis_9, SF9, NC.A, LipBubble, ONF, TRCNG, MYTEEN, HALO, The Boyz, MXM, HOTSHOT, IN2IT, RAINZ, NTB, L.A.U, KNK, Team X, DreamCatcher, PEACE, Kim Yong Guk (Jin Longguo), Kwon Hyun Bin, Kisum, and more. It has not yet been announced which members of each group will participate and their attendance is subject to change.

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