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Poly student wanting to take private A levels.

Okay so I am in this dilemma, as you all can see from the title. I am currently a year 3 student in Ngee Ann polytechnic graduating next year May with a GPA of 3.22. Obviously this gpa will not get me anywhere in any of the local uni. I have not been to JC either. So iím thinking of taking A levels part time as I have signed on a scholarship bond for 2 years to work in the industry. My poly course have nothing to do with math or science, as it is a humanities course. My preferred A level combination subjects will be: H2 economics, H2 History, H2 Literature in English, H1 Math. Also considering to enrol in private school to prepare for A levels.

I donít know am I completely insane about thinking of taking A levels without any pre-experience, but I will really want to enter local Uni! Please advise me!
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