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Hi. A levels maybe tougher than your poly course. You really need good teachers and tutors to guide you. The reviews I heard from private schools are not too good.
Your combi is very content based and will take lots of reading and memory work and application.
You can try but usually private candidates do not do as well as JC candidates. Do you hope to do A levels within one or two years?
Your combi is hard to score, IMHO, as compared to science subjects.

Or you may work first, save money and go overseas for uni education, or enter SUSS, SUTD, or SIT (easier to get in maybe) or PSB or MDIS or other private uni.

I am apprehensive about you taking A levels. It is gonna be risky and there is no guarantee.

How about project work? GP and 2nd language? Will these H1 subjects pose problems for you as a private candidate?

Do check carefully. I have a student who is retaking A levels and he has reached his limits last year when he did not do so well and this year. In NS, he hardly has much time to study.

All the best.
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