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So, I've checked with 2 insurance agents, who in turn checked with their finance. The response both this agents gave me was "My finance said there's no direct bank transfer to our account".

Then I checked with ipaymy via email. Their response was "Yes, you can do it. This is the UEN and Bank Account Number of NTUC."

Who should I believe?
Unlike some other insurers which officially agreed and announced direct bank transfer as one of the option of payment methods. NTUC Income does not officially open up this payment channel.
The bank account number provided by ipaymy is truely an account number of NTUC Income. Just that not NTUC Income recommended method to receive payment. It is up to the finance dept of NTUC Income to accept or reject this transaction after received. If you really want to pay through this channel, you may want to contact and inform NTUC Income after made payment, so that they will take note of this transaction. Hopefully they are in good mood and just accept it and process your payment.

There is risk of payment get rejected and refund back to your cc (by ipaymy) but ipaymy will not return the service fee you paid to them.

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