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Posts: 28,069 it normal to have such amps to have such high crosstalk? Any previous measurement you did for similar amps to compare and contrast against the SXFi?

And probably a noob question: the spike at the 1K, is that because the test tone is 1K?
I would say -60dB with a 33 ohm or 16 ohm load is "good", but with so many good products nowadays this "good" is now average or normal.

For my measurements:

So SXFi doesn't do better than these.

Crosstalk SXFi + Win10 tablet:
Unloaded: -77.3dB
33 ohm: -50.3dB
16 ohm: -45.4dB

Crosstalk Honor 8 Pro @ -16.9dBFS of STX:
16 ohm: -44.2dB

Crosstalk SXFi + Honor 8 Pro @ -17.3dBFS of STX:
16 ohm: -42.9dB

The spike at 1k is because the test tone is 1k

Some random 16 ohm crosstalk numbers from the internet:
O2 amp: -65dB
SMSL M3: -61dB
Fiio E06: -57.3dB
Fiio A1: 63.7

TBH I don't know which amps on that website are as small as the SXFi, but losing to the cheaper Fiio is pretty...

But how about losing to Redmi Note 4: -58.9dB

And this is why I say SXFi's crosstalk is just average. Compared to other "free" products. And abysmal if you're paying $200 for it if the SXFi doesn't work out for you.
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