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thanks all think i join a day tour better... i am traveling from osaka back to tokyo.. then from toko join a day tour . easier... can travel to prenium outlet too... actually i search i can rent a car at Mishima station quite cheap abt $80 per day... then can drive to sky walk then kawaguchigo... but are all place easy to find parking and got parking fee?
IMHO, if never been to premium outlet..Easily 1/2 day there..Bus from Kawaguchiko to Gotemba is like around 1hr.

If travelling with a kid and luggage, ur rent car at Mishima Station would actually be a better option. I did Osaka>Tokyo last time and otw the way, i stay over Kawaguchiko for a night..Alight at Mishima and bus to Kawaguchiko Station(Around 1+hr for express).. That is gonna eat off ur time.I took 7+ train from Kyoto..
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