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thanks u all for the replies... i try to aviod holiday and visit disneyland on a friday 11th jan instead of 14th jan... for disneyland 14th is less crowded then 11th but i see disneyland sea on the 14th is scary.... so safer to visit on a friday then monday holiday.... book 1 day fuji tour going on a sunday ( to avoid city weekend crowd).. more flexible.. so far i calculated included following (SIA tics, accomodation for 11 nights, 7 days JR pass, 1 day fuji tour and disneyland 1 day pass) each pax abt 1.3k... still looking at other tour to book... like those skii or snow slide tour worth to go?
Ski tour usually is non-English and if it's your first time, I suggest you join a class first. It might take 2-3 hrs to learn the basics.
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