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Every week, we are committed to serve highly useful and important tips about web development and and graphic for every hardwarezone forumers! We strongly feel that designing is an exclusive art and its part of our social responsibility to share it to everybody; to create a strong awareness about it.

Basically, Wordpress is one of the free and popular CMS tools which are available to design your website. Therefore, this week’s part 3 of the tutorial will be for the Wordpress newbies on the various optimizations which you can consider to make your new website profitable:

5. Change Your Permalink Structure

By default, WordPress has a long undesirable permalink structure. Out of the box, any page or post that you publish will have a URL that works well for computers but poorly for humans and search engines (]). Compare that to a URL which contains a proper title and appropriate keywords and it’s easy to see why you need to change your permalink structure.

6. Delete the Default Content

There are a few pieces of dummy content installed with WordPress that you’ll want to delete. Some hosting companies that use auto-installers also provide additional content above and beyond what comes with WordPress. Make sure you check pages, posts, comments, and widgets for anything not related to your business.

7. Fill Out Your User Profile

Take two minutes to fill out your profile page. It contains several fields that should be filled out including your name, social profile and contact information. There is also a drop-down field that allows you to change your publicly displayed name. Set it to either your first name, last name, nickname or any combination of the two. The only thing you want to avoid using is your username which represents 50% of you required login details.

8. Set-up Your Gravatar

Gravatar is a convenient way to make your profile portable across the web. Any time you comment on another website using your Gravatar email address, you’ll automatically leave your standardized profile behind that includes a photo, links to your website and links to your social profile. By signing up with Gravatar, it ensures that your profile photo is displayed alongside all of the posts which you publish on your blog.

So far, I’ve put the more mission critical tasks at Tutorial 1 and 2 which we discussed in previous weeks. If these tutorials doesn’t make sense to you, then don’t worry! By default, we explain these clearly to all our clients when they engage our webdesign services.

Cant wait to create your own website or improve the existing one for your company?

Dont hesitate to drop us a mail with your website requirements for a FREE QUOTATION! No Obligations at all!

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