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Hi I have Asus laptop but it has been very very slow ever since I bought 2 tears ago and I have even sent for repair twice during warranty period.
Apparently the problem comes back shortly after I got the laptop back and install google drive and dropbox.
The disk usage in task manager is almost consistently at 99% usage at idle.
I suspect Asus has a lot of inbuilt programs that are not compatible or causes conflicts with the system.
Can I do an install of a fresh clean operating system on an Asus Laptop? I tried factory reset before and the problem persists. Gave up on using Asus one.

Sounds like your HDD could be malfunctioning. Since the laptop is old I'll assume its running off of a crappy old dinosaur hard-drive. Buy a cheap 240gb SSD, clone your stuff over or just reinstall win10 on the new ssd and throw away your old hardrive.

Now watch your laptop grow wings again. You're welcome.

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